WRI Ross Prize for Cities

Transformative projects, igniting citywide change

Help us spotlight the best cases of urban transformation from around the world to elevate and inspire others

Project site: wrirossprize.org

Urban transformation is more important than ever, and often goes unnoticed beyond its immediate environs.

The WRI Ross Prize for Cities is a global competition supported by Stephen M. Ross to celebrate transformative projects that have ignited citywide change. Five finalists and one winner of the $250,000 prize are announced on annual basis.

Businesses, NGOs, community groups, local governments and collaborations of all kinds are eligible. Project teams are encouraged to apply if they have:

  • Altered your city’s economic vitality, resilience, environmental sustainability or quality of life?
  • Started a movement or coalition that has changed the form and function of your neighborhood and beyond?
  • Pioneered an idea or project that has been replicated and leveraged over time to create positive environmental, social or economic ripple effects?

What Is Transformative Change?

Transformative projects change the form and function of urban economies, environment and communities. They open our eyes to new possibilities by overcoming bottlenecks, leveraging investments, or offering new and scalable approaches to solving well-known problems. They impress hope and excitement. And their impact extends beyond the initial site or intervention, catalyzing positive change throughout a neighborhood or city.

Learn more and apply at wrirossprize.org.

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