Katerina Elias-Trostmann

Senior Research Analyst


Katerina is a Senior Research Analyst at WRI Brasil and is based in São Paulo. She works closely with the Climate Resilience Practice. She focuses on urban climate resilience and community response and has experience working closely with cities to enhance community resilience in municipal resilience plans and city strategies. She led the research and development of Individual Resilience Indicators, which are being adopted by cities in Brazil.

Katerina previously worked for the UK Green Building Council before relocating to Brazil. She has previous experience working for the UK Green Building Council and NACUE in London, a communications technology company in Geneva, and for Ashoka in Paris.

Katerina holds a BSc in International Business and French from the University of Warwick and a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, where she completed her thesis on the Brazilian opportunity to transition to a closed-loop economy.

She is a keen basketball player, pianist, cyclist and rock climber. In her spare time she organizes workshops on guerrilla gardening and can be found exploring São Paulo and nearby waterfalls.


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