Linus Platzer

Climate & Energy Intern


Linus is the Climate & Energy Intern in the Sustainable Cities program, working low-carbon transport in Latin America and Asia. He collaborates on research, capacity building and engagement efforts for partnerships in climate and transportation policy.

Prior to joining WRI, Linus worked as a research assistant and in campus sustainability at Indiana University. He served as the Graduate Sustainability Officer and lead sustainability initiatives on climate action and renewable energies. He also has interned with public and non-profit environmental institutes in Germany, the US, and South Korea, and worked for a year at an agricultural high school in Argentina.

Linus holds a MPA from the School of Environmental and Public Affairs, Indiana University, with specializations in Energy and Policy Analysis. He also has joint bachelor degrees in Political Science and European Public Administration, from the University of Münster, Germany, and University of Twente, The Netherlands.

In his free time, Linus likes to read, play soccer or do other outdoor sports, reflect on sustainability transitions and bring people together.

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