Steven Rogers

Energy & Climate Intern


Steven is the Energy & Climate Intern with WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

His main focus is on LEDS Research & Engagement in Asia and Latin America. Coupled with that, he works on climate, energy and transport projects.

Steven previously worked on campus sustainability and emissions tracking for Salisbury University. He also work with the University Academic Sustainability Committee to integrate sustainability topics into non-environmental classes. Steven also served as the Executive Director of Talks & Topics for the university, where he planned, organized, and ran workshops, seminars, and guest-speaker events for the students. He has been part of consulting teams studying the freight transport sector in Mexico.

Steven holds a B.A. in environmental studies and a B.A. in economics, with a minor in graphic design from Salisbury University. He is currently working with Frankfurt School of Business and Management to become a Certified Expert in Climate & Renewable Energy Finance.

Steven is a passionate soccer fan, who will do his best to watch his favorite team (Chelsea) play every week, as well as every other team in the league. He is extremely interested in soccer economics, decision-making, coaching, and sport statistics. He also has a big interested in data visualization. He enjoys flying planes as well as practicing flying trapeze. Steven enjoys walking his dogs, travelling and coffee.

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