Zezhou Cai

Natural Infrastructure Intern


Zezhou is a Natural Infrastructure Intern at the Cities Program, primarily working on the World Resources Report with a focus on water access and sanitation by providing research support, data analysis, and workshop coordination. Prior to joining the Cities Program, she used to intern at the Sustainability Initiative at the WRI, Clifford Chance LLP in Beijing, China Development Bank in Beijing, and Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.

Zezhou holds a Bachelor of Law at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. She is now pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Policy at Georgetown University, as a Fulbright Fellowship grantee. Her policy interest is in urban and rural development as well as international development.

Zezhou has been to several countries like India, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia as well as a lot of cities and rural areas back in China. 

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