Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer

Interactive platform quantifies and visualizes river flood risks worldwide

The Flood Analyzer’s urban damage calculator allows users to estimate the direct damage in dollars that river flooding causes to urban areas. Photo by Chrisgel Ryan Cruz/Flickr.

With the changing global climate, river flooding in cities worldwide is an immense challenge to urban resilience. Currently, approximately 21 million people worldwide are exposed to river flooding on average each year. That number could increase to 54 million in 2030 due to both climate change and population growth and urbanization.

The Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer can help raise awareness among public and private sector decision makers about current and future risks of river flooding. The Flood Analyzer measures river flooding impacts by urban damage, affected GDP, and affected population in every country, state, and major river basin scale across the globe. Equipped with this information, city leaders will be able to appropriately prioritize risk mitigation and climate adaptation projects so that they can implement the most cost-efficient options.

Visit the Aqueduct Global Flood Risk Analyzer here.

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