Bangalore's BIG bus network

Bangalore intra-city grid saves the city time and money

The Bangalore Intra-city grid (BIG) bus network reorganizes city bus routes to increase efficiency, enhance service, and make sustainable transport a better option for city residents. The enhanced network will serve 2.5 million daily when fully implemented. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ.

EMBARQ India is helping the city of Bangalore transform its bus system, the largest in India and among the 20 largest in the world. Working with the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), EMBARQ India helped conceptualize, plan, and implement the Bangalore Intracity Grid (BIG) Bus Network, a system of high-frequency, integrated services that are providing significant improvements in quality and capacity. Since launching in September 2013 along one of twelve major corridors in the city, the BIG Bus Network has received significant support from users as well as political leaders. Still in its early stages, the new system already serves 150,000 passengers per day, and was recognized with the 2012 Volvo Sustainable Mobility Award

Over the next two years, the BIG Bus Network will expand city-wide, incorporate over 3,000 buses operating under enhanced planning and management, and improve the public transport experience for over 2.5 million people daily. 

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