CampusLab brings bike safety and accessibility to Turkish universities

Integrating sustainability and transport planning at the campus level

Building on the success of BikeLab, CampusLab projects leverage EMBARQ Turkey's expertise in cycling safety and infrastructure to serve university campuses across Turkey. Pictured: Bike parking station in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by EMBARQ Turkey.

EMBARQ Turkey is working with universities to support sustainable campus projects and promote safe cycling. EMBARQ Turkey started CampusLab in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to promote active transport habits. By developing a transportation master plan for ITU’s main campus, the CampusLab project will provide mobility to 22,000 students, faculty, and administrative personnel. When finished, the network will consist of 3.1 miles of bikeways within the campus, improved pedestrian infrastructure, and a bike-sharing program.

EMBARQ Turkey plans to scale up this impact by expanding the CampusLab model to universities throughout Turkey. Plans are underway at Selçuk University in the city of Konya and Abdullah Gül and Erciyes Universities in the city of Kayseri to build campus bike path networks integrated with those of the cities. EMBARQ Turkey will continue to provide technical assistance - particularly related to cycling safety - and provide capacity-building for local officials.

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