Multimodal transport integration in Chengdu, China

Improving user experience and quality of service of public transport systems

Chengdu, China launched its first bus rapid transit (BRT) line in 2013. Photo by Xianyuan Zhu/ITDP China.

Despite significant investments in public transport, there is no mechanism in place to develop an integrated transport system in China that places the user at the center of the focus. As a result, transport services are often uncoordinated, ticketing is fragmented, and timetables are disjointed, resulting in a suboptimal user experience at best. In the city of Chengdu in the southwest China, where the city recently launched its first bus rapid transit (BRT) line, EMBARQ China works to improve BRT station design, enhance transfer and last-mile connection with other systems, and integrate the BRT system with the surrounding land uses.

To become more sustainable and livable overall, the city has set ambitious goals. Officials aim for public transit to reach 50% mode share, to expand green space to 12 million square meters, and decrease reliance on coal by 2017. In light of its past success and vision for a sustainable future, Chengdu was selected as a pilot city by the national government and a National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area in 2014.


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