New Mobility Accelerator

The New Mobility Accelerator supports businesses transforming urban transport in India.

Bangalore, India. Photo Credit: Benoit Colin/WRI

In India, the number of cars on the road is estimated to grow from 13 to 35 cars per 1000 people by 20251, but the existing infrastructure and planning support is inadequate to meet this demand. The growth will bring approximately 45–60 million cars to the road and have serious implications for energy security, air pollution, road safety, congestion and equity. 

Connected and integrated mobility options are essential to ensure a sustainable future for India’s cities. Personal mobility is undergoing a transformative shift globally, moving away from personal vehicles and towards models that provide people with a range of service options. Good mobility-as-a service options have the potential to slow down the growth of personal cars in Indian cities. 

Many mobility business recognize the role that regulation and local governments play in supporting an ecosystem for sustainable mobilityWRI India Sustainable Cities is working to demystify regulation and create platforms that facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs and city governments. The team’s extensive network brings together technical experts, regulators, the private sector, and local governments. 

The New Mobility Accelerator supports new and innovative early-stage businesses that provide mobility-as-a-service and are transforming urban transport in India. 

Organized by WRI India Sustainable Cities and the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), and supported by Shell Foundation and Hewlett Foundation, the accelerator will run a 6-month program to support businesses that: 

  • provide responsive, efficient, safe, and economical transport options 

  • improve vehicle occupancy and utilization 

  • shift trips away from personal vehicles and single-occupancy rides 

  • expand access to mobility for low-income populations  

The Accelerator is accepting applications from interested businesses until March 7, 2016. Businesses accepted into the cohort will join a 6-month Accelerator program followed by an investor demonstration day. To learn more about the program click here. 

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