Reimagining Mumbai's Marol district

Creating compact, inclusive, and livable communities

Marol is a suburban district on the edge of the megacity of Mumbai, India. EMBARQ India works to identify urban design strategies that better connect residents to goods and opportunities in the city center. Photo by Brijindra Singh/Flickr. All Rights Reserved.

Large infrastructure projects are often planned with little consideration for the neighborhoods they impact. As the mega-city of Mumbai, India prepares to inaugurate its first metro line, the suburban industrial area of Marol braces itself for the effects this will have on its weak infrastructure. A metro station borders the southern edge of Marol, and nearly all residents use public transport or walk when moving through the neighborhood. However, increased motorization has threatened pedestrian safety, disenfranchising pedestrians and discouraging forms of sustainable transport in the area.

In collaboration with the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and Marol MIDC Industries Association (MMIA), EMBARQ India mapped extensive design opportunities and developed alternative plans that will allow Marol to continue to thrive. Suggestions included improvements to existing infrastructure, design elements that prioritized walking, the creation of safe and open public spaces, and encouraging on-street economic activities. EMBARQ India’s work has led to a more compact, inclusive, and livable Marol.

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