Safe mobility on Istanbul's Metrobüs corridor

Improving safety conditions along Istanbul's flagship bus rapid transit corridor

The Metrobüs bus rapid transit (BRT) system allows residents to sidestep Istanbul's notorious traffic congestion. Pictured: buses pass under the city's historic Valens Aqueduct. Photo by Enric Archivell/Flickr.

In May 2013, Istanbul announced investment commitments of US$ 11.5 million to improve station conditions along Istanbul’s Metrobüs bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor following recommendations from EMBARQ Turkey. Between 2010 and 2011, a total of 36 accidents occurred along the BRT corridor, most of which involved passengers at or near the station platforms. Since then, the Metrobüs BRT system has even expanded capacity and reached a total length of 33.5 miles with 45 stations between, bridging Istanbul's European and Asian sides. In an effort to improve safety along the corridor, EMBARQ Turkey conducted a detailed road safety inspection of the system in December 2012 and presented its recommendations to the municipal government. Consequently, the city called for a large-scale retrofit of the BRT stations in order to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries within the system. EMBARQ Turkey will continue work with the public bus authority (Istanbul Electricity, Tramway, and Tunnel General Management [[IETT](]) and the city government in assessing safety and accessibility on four new BRT corridors and optimizing the public bus system’s integration with the city's new subway network.

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