Shaping national transport investment

Leveraging national funding to advance sustainable transport projects in Mexico

National investment from PROTRAM will fund infrastructure projects across Mexico. EMBARQ Mexico is advising on 21 projects in eight cities, including Mexico City's Metrobús bus rapid transit (BRT) system. Photo by EMBARQ Mexico.

Mexico’s Public Transportation Federal Support Program (PROTRAM) offers federal grants to city, state, and regional government agencies for up to 50% of the infrastructure cost of public transportation projects. EMBARQ Mexico has served as the government’s main advisor to implement PROTRAM effectively and improve the quality of its projects. The Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit appointed EMBARQ Mexico to evaluate the technical and financial feasibility of public transportation projects seeking funding from PROTRAM. In this role, EMBARQ Mexico developed project evaluation guidelines that allow for rapid analysis of each project and is responsible for continuous high-quality operational and financial reviews. As of 2013, EMBARQ has reviewed 21 projects and influenced the design quality of eight projects, now in the investment phase – Guadalajara, Mexico City, Chihuahua, Mexicali, Tijuana, Culiacan, Monterrey, and Veracruz. One of these projects, the second line of Guadalajara’s bus rapid transit (BRT) system, has been funded by PROTRAM and is now under construction. The other seven projects whose quality EMBARQ Mexico improved are now confirmed in PROTRAM’s financing pipeline, a major step toward implementation.

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