Smart car ownership and usage for China

Developing strategies to motorize and urbanize on a sustainable path

Unprecedented urbanization has led to a spike in car ownership in Chinese cities, gridlocking streets and posing a huge challenge for city officials and planners. Photo by Ibon/Flickr.

Many Chinese cities have resorted to traffic demand management (TDM) strategies to ease gridlock, but the overall capacity to deploy appropriate TDM measures with the right timing is hampered by limited knowledge. Through its global network, EMBARQ China is creating a knowledge sharing platform on effective TDM and informing local choices on specific TDM policies.

EMBARQ China is surveying and categorizing different methods that top cities have taken in the face of motorization and urbanization globally. Drawing on international and domestic experiences and the in-depth understanding of Chinese cities’ status quo, the project is mapping out a sustainable path that Chengdu and other Chinese cities (especially small- and medium-sized cities) can take to sustainably motorize and urbanize. It will also produce a suite of policy instruments that these cities can utilize within their specific contexts.

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