Strategic alignment for bus rapid transit (BRT) project management

Strategies for successful integrated transport systems in Brazil

The southern city of Porto Alegre, Brazil (pictured) has joined other cities in Brazil working to improve their bus rapid transit (BRT) systems through strategic decision-making and institutional capacity building. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ.

EMBARQ Brasil advises bus rapid transit (BRT) project managers on the identification and mitigation of risks, on the development of standards for decision making throughout entire BRT projects. This strategic alignment aims to identify the necessary actions and strategic decisions to be taken by those responsible for BRT projects. It covers five areas of analysis: infrastructure, vehicle fleet, equipment, operation, and marketing. This methodology was developed by the Shell Foundation, a funding founder of EMBARQ, and reflects the strategic points of the project: its goals, opportunities, and the identification and mitigation of risks. The cities of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Brasília, and Belem have already made significant improvements to their existing and planned systems with the help of EMBARQ Brasil’s strategic alignment input.

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