UrbanLab İzmir

Ensuring a Sustainable and Vibrant Community in İzmir’s Historic Core

Izmir, Turkey. Photo by Andrew/Flickr.

İzmir, Turkey’s third largest city, is currently facing a variety of sustainability challenges due to a growing population, intense pollution and uncontrolled urbanization. To counteract these challenges, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has launched the “Historic İzmir Project” in the historic city center, covering 250 hectares. WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities launched UrbanLab İzmir in May 2016 to help contribute to this project and solidify residents’ connection to the region’s history while ensuring that the Historic Kemeraltı is sustainable and livable for all.

The main objectives of UrbanLab İzmir are:

  • To increase accessibility and walkability of the historic region
  • To create sustainable urban neighborhoods
  • To increase the quality of public spaces and public life
  • To increase accessibility through transit-oriented development (TOD)
  • To improve governance and public participation in decision making processes
  • To integrate the historic area within regional urban transport networks
  • To develop a sustainable transport plan that prioritizes walkability

In the first phase, UrbanLab İzmir will analyze the current situation and user behavior through surveys. Then, the local team will develop a strategy specific to the region.

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