Angelica Mazorra

Technical Manager, WRI Mexico


Angélica is the leader of planning and transportation projects in the mobility department, operations management and transportation planning of WRI Mexico. She is responsible for managing assigned projects, supervising the work of the technical teams and coordinating with the administrative teams, as well as participating in the development and incubation of projects that attract national and international funding to the organization, through the preparation and follow-up of proposals and search for opportunities. She, in turn, is in charge of providing technical assistance to the staff and cooperating with the work team to guarantee the best results collectively.

Angélica has worked since 2004 in the development of various transit and transportation projects, with an emphasis on model development and project management. She has worked with transportation consultants such as Steer and Cal & Mayor.

Angélica has skills in project management, transportation modeling, and data analysis. Angélica joined the WRI Mexico team in September 2019 and is currently interested in continuing with the development of projects related to gender and mobility and transportation planning.

Angélica is a Civil Engineer, with a Master's Degree in Transportation from the National University of Colombia.


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