Celina Bonugli

Associate, Clean Energy Innovation, U.S. Energy Program


Celina supports the facilitation of electric utility and large-scale energy buyer collaboration to spur innovative solutions that decarbonize the electricity sector, increase grid efficiencies and integrate new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For the Renewables Accelerator initiative, which provides technical support to U.S. municipal governments as they procure renewable energy, Celina leads the electric utility and regulatory engagement strategy, consultation, and resource development.

Prior to joining the WRI, Celina contributed to international renewable energy policy for developing countries with the Worldwatch Institute. Celina also worked with the Green Energy Institute and The Climate Trust in Portland, Oregon where she researched and analyzed relevant laws to develop greenhouse gas emission and climate related policy for the state.

Celina holds a Juris Doctor and a certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources law from Lewis and Clark Law School.


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