Lailai Li

Senior Fellow, Science & Research


Dr. Lailai Li is Senior Fellow, Science & Research at WRI. Dr. Li used to serve as WRI China Country Director.

Prior to joining WRI, Dr. Li was the Deputy Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute and Director of SEI Asia Centre. She also served as a deputy director of China Urban Sustainable Transport Research Centre based in Beijing. Previously, she directed the LEAD-China program for 10 years, which is a worldwide network of new generation leadership in the environment and development arena.

Dr. Li is a globally recognized leader in sustainability and environmental issues with nearly 20 years of experience, including a focus on poverty alleviation and environment issues, climate change adaptation, low-carbon urban transport, and more. Her recent research work and research include: economics of climate change in China; China’s ecosystem services and management strategy; low-carbon development of small and medium sized cities in China; the regional climate change adaptation knowledge platform in Asia; and the Sustainable Mekong Research Network, among others.

Dr. Li is a widely recognized expert and published author. She received her Post-Doctoral Fellow at Peking University, in Beijing, and received her PhD and MA from the University of Pittsburgh, in the United States.

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