Rachel Biderman

Director, WRI Brasil


Rachel is the Director of World Resources Institute Brasil. In her current role, she worked to launch WRI Brasil as a nationally-recognized NGO in 2014, raising funds, recruiting a team of six professionals, creating an internationally-recognized Board, and establishing WRI Brasil’s four programs: climate change, sustainable cities, forests and sustainable finance.

Rachel is considered a key mover and shaker in climate change throughout Brazil. Between 2008 and 2011 she acted as the deputy-coordinator at the Center for Sustainability Studies at FGV Business School in São Paulo, where she coordinated the Low Carbon Management course and taught Sustainability Management modules as part of the MBA course at FGV.

During her tenure as Deputy Coordinator at FGV’s Center for Sustainability Studies, she coordinated several projects including the launch of the Brazilian Green House Gas Protocol, co-founded the national Climate Watch Network (Observatório do Clima, a network of Brazilian NGOs monitoring climate change), contributed to São Paulo’s Municipal Policy on Climate Change and Amazonia’s State Climate Change Policies, and researched and published a national guide on Sustainable Public Procurement. Between 2004 and 2005, she coordinated the environmental dimension of the Brazilian Stock Exchange Sustainability Index (ISE). She is currently also a co-coordinator of the Brazilian Climate Change Forum, established by President Cardoso in 2001.

Rachel is a board member of several socio-environmental organisations, including WWF Brasil, Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor (IDEC), Instituto Marina Silva, and Fundación Futuro Latino Americano (FFLA). She was formerly the President of Greenpeace Brasil’s Board between 2011 and 2013, and is a member of the Forest GAC of the World Economic Forum since 2014.

Rachel has a strong academic record, having been selected as a Fellow at the Science, Technology and Society Program at the Harvard JFK School of Government in 2009. She received a PhD in Public Administration from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) in 2011, holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences from the University of São Paulo (1999) and completed International Legal Studies at the American University Washington College of Law (1992). She holds a bachelors degree in law from the University of São Paulo (1990). Throughout her career, Rachel has focussed on international and Brazilian environmental law, climate change and sustainable consumption, having also taught at several universities throughout São Paulo, including FGV and University of São Paulo (USP).

She is the author of the book Democracy, Citizenship and Environmental Protection, published in 2002, and a co-author of several children’s books on environment and sustainability.

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