Sumedha Malaviya

Senior Manager, Energy Program, WRI India


Sumedha is a Manager at WRI India’s Energy Program. Her primary focus area is energy efficiency in buildings. She manages the program’s initiatives to understand residential sector energy use in cities, designing and implementing behavior focused interventions on energy efficiency and energy conservation for households and most recently, a roadmap exercise to determine pathways to Zero Carbon Buildings (ZCBs) in India cities. Sumedha also coordinates the activities of the UN Sustainable Energy for All’s Global Building Efficiency Accelerator or BEA in India. As a part of programmatic efforts, Sumedha supports research and stakeholder engagement on clean energy transition and electricity governance.

Sumedha previously worked at ICF International providing consultancy on energy efficient appliances, Demand Side Management and Low Emissions Development projects. Sumedha has co-authored book chapters and several articles in peer reviewed journals. She was a fellow with Project Drawdown, where she co-authored a chapter on mitigation from improved management of refrigerants for the Paul Hawken edited book Drawdown- The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.

Sumedha holds a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from TERI University in New Delhi, India.

Sumedha loves Zumba, enjoys reading, travelling, exploring national parks and upcycling glass bottles. Sumedha stays in Bangalore with her husband and Yammo, her cat.



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