Tania López

Air Quality Coordinator, WRI México


Tania is the Air Quality Coordinator at WRI México. She is responsible for the coordination and execution of projects to build tools aiming to reduce pollutant emissions and their impact on human health and ecosystems. These projects include identifying areas of opportunity for improvement in vehicle maintenance programs and healthy school environments, determining personal exposure through citizen science processes, using low-cost sensors for awareness-raising and evaluating the impact of interventions, and the development of an integrated inventory of criteria pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases and compounds for the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area based on collaborative work with municipal, state authorities and civil organizations.

Tania holds a PhD in Environmental Health from the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico. There, Tania developed alternatives for common methodologies for the assessment of chronic exposure to air pollutants in Mexican cities, through relevant statistical models.

Tania worked for 12 years in the office for air quality research at the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change in Mexico. There, she coordinated and participated in projects related to air quality models, air pollutant characterization, and health benefits assessments of potential control measurements. Tania's hobbies are the cinema and cooking.

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