Victoria A. Beard

Fellow, World Resources Report


Victoria A. Beard is a Fellow at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Victoria is co-leading the effort to produce the World Resources Report (WRR), "Towards a More Equal City." She was the lead author on the WRR Framing Paper, designed the research methodology for a series of city-level case studies on urban transformation, and she is co-authoring papers on inclusive cities and informal workers as well as papers on equitable access to urban water and sanitation services.

Victoria’s career has been defined by a synergy between urban planning research and practice. She has experience conceptualizing, designing, and leading research projects related to the most pressing problems facing cities in the global South. She began her career at RAND and most recently she is an Associate Professor at Cornell University.

Prior to joining WRI, Victoria’s research focused on the relationship between community level collective action and poverty alleviation. This work ranges from how citizens organize to meet their basic human needs to how they plan for broader social and political transformation. In this work she has used diverse research strategies and methods, ranging from comparative case studies to statistical analyses of large data sets.

For 20 years, Victoria has been actively engaged in planning practice for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Research Triangle Institute, AusAID, and Mercy Corp. Working with governments, community-based organizations and non-governmental organizations, she has helped develop and implement projects and programs that focus on poverty reduction, community-based planning, and access to basic services.



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