FedEx-EMBARQ Mobility and Accessibility Annual Report 2013

EMBARQ and FedEx have been working together for four years with the common goal to improve the quality of life for people in Brazil, India, and Mexico by improving sustainable transportation and mobility solutions for cities. This collaboration was crystalized in the Mobility and Accessibility Program (MAP). MAP’s strategy is to leverage FedEx’s extensive know-how and expertise in vehicle patterns, fuels, transportation technology, driver safety, telematics, etc., to accelerate EMBARQ’s ability to help cities create mobility and access to marketplaces, jobs, schools, and community in ways that minimize environmental impacts.


Executive Summary

MAP represents a model for Corporate Social Responsibility based on shared values and high-skilled employee engagement. Cities in developing countries mostly lack capacity, knowledge and tools to make informed decisions to improve mobility and accessibility. The involvement of highly skilled volunteers from FedEx accelerates the pace at which EMBARQ can disseminate knowledge and build the much needed capacity for cities to design and implement transport solutions.

MAP’s strategy generates a ripple effect of the FedEx-EMBARQ collaboration which has grown beyond what was initially conceived. In 2010, the MAP implemented its first pilot project in Mexico and two years later increased the scope of work to include India and Brazil, the FedEx-EMBARQ Transportation Fellowship and a global research on bus fuel and vehicle selection. Accordingly, MAP has successfully reduced 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions, transferred FedEx-EMABRQ expertise to 921,091 transport officials and drivers, and created innovative research on exhaust emissions that received international recognition and awards.

Each MAP centre is developing locally relevant projects including cutting-edge research, comprehensive tools, and innovative capacity building on sustainable transport, contributing to achieve positive and concrete external changes in 40 cities where they intervene, directly and indirectly. Thanks to the FedEx financial and technical support, the MAP program promotes real change on the ground and demonstrates the potential to help even more cities in the future.

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