FedEx-EMBARQ Mobility and Accessibility Annual Report 2014

Transportation’s negative impact on the environment is increasing as the world’s population grows. In 2010, transport was responsible for 23 percent of total energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and this figure is growing.

FedEx has been a valuable supporter of sustainable mobility through EMBARQ at WRI since 2010. The collaboration has proven to be a powerful model for engagement, leveraging FedEx expertise to accelerate EMBARQ’s work to improve sustainable transport and mobility in cities. It was formalized as the FedEx-EMBARQ Mobility and Accessibility Program (MAP) in 2012. This program presents a model for corporate social responsibility based on shared values and highly skilled employee engagement, and has been successfully influencing the way in which people access the marketplace, jobs, schools and their communities in Brazil, India, Mexico, and China. In 2014, MAP’s footprint included 40 cities across four countries.


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