FedEx-EMBARQ Mobility and Accessibility Annual Report 2015

Sustainable transportation solutions are key factors in ensuring that cities reduce congestion, avoid growth in greenhouse gas emissions and provide access to all the opportunities that cities have to offer. In countries where EMBARQ is currently working, cities are growing in a disconnected and sprawling fashion. Motorization rates are rising as cities expand and grow. Furthermore, the negative effects associated with an increase in car ownership include surges in air pollution and congestion.

In response to these trends, the FedEx-EMBARQ Mobility and Accessibility Program (MAP) is working to enhance the sustainability, safety and service quality of public transport by leveraging FedEx expertise to help government officials make informed decisions. The use of FedEx knowledge accelerates the rate at which EMBARQ can foster change in cities to avoid the negative consequences of motorization and improve quality of life for people in India, Mexico, Brazil and China.

The FedEx-EMBARQ collaboration through MAP, formalized in 2012, has proven to be an innovative and powerful model for engagement. It builds on the values that EMBARQ and FedEx share, and leverages the skills of FedEx employees to positively influence the way in which people access the marketplace, jobs, schools and their communities. In just five years, MAP has grown to include 40 cities across four countries, spreading the program's ideas and messages to more than 1.5 million people annually and directly benefiting more than 2.2 million people per year.


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