FedEx-EMBARQ Mobility and Accessibility Program 2017 Annual Report

A historic shift to urban centers has brought opportunity and prosperity to billions—but also daunting challenges. Crippling traffic congestion, worsening air pollution and an ever-growing demand for reliable mobility services plague many cities, with direct consequences for people, from students in Mexico City to commuters in Bangalore and public servants in Belo Horizonte.

In 2010, FedEx and WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities committed to use their mutual expertise to help solve these challenges and deliver real results for decision-makers and residents. Through the Mobility and Accessibility Program, sponsored by FedEx, we’re delivering new data, new insights and new technology to catalyze the transformation of transit systems in China, India, Brazil and Mexico. Our paramount goal is to provide high-quality public transport that connects people to jobs, schools and opportunities.

In just seven years, our initiative has had an impact in 36 cities on three continents. We’re proving that the public and private sectors can work together to move people and goods reliably and efficiently, with less damage to the environment. By combining the FedEx mastery of transportation logistics, technology and safety with WRI Ross Center’s independent research and sharing it directly with key decisionmakers, we’re shaping the transit systems of the future. In the following pages, you’ll meet people who are benefitting from our work, and others who are making transformations happen. 


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