Impact-Driven Investing in New Mobility Enterprises: Perspectives from Kampala, Uganda, and Hyderabad, India

Private investments present a critical funding opportunity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, due to the growing recognition that socially and environmentally responsible solutions can generate impacts and financial returns across the risk spectrum. Innovative new mobility solutions—especially when driven by impact-oriented investments and enabled by inclusive policies—can be part of the solution for sustainable and equitable transport.

This research paper features key insights on impact-driven investments in new mobility enterprises in Kampala, Uganda, and Hyderabad, India. The paper highlights the current challenges to impact investing in mobility enterprises, including difficulties in accounting for impact, dilution of impact from other sectors, regulatory regimes and political risks that could hinder the running of mobility businesses, and entrenched stakeholders holding back investments. It concludes with opportunities to confront these challenges and pathways to safe, clean and inclusive transportation for vulnerable urban residents in the global south.


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