Mobility and Accessibility Program 2018 Annual Report

The Mobility and Accessibility Program, funded by FedEx, works with communities across Brazil, India, Mexico and China to deliver quality public transportation. As urban areas contend with congestion, pollution and sprawl, we’re provides new answers, new insights and new technology to transform transit systems. 

In 2018, the program made important gains on the ground – from helping Bangalore, India, restructure its bus fair and raising ridership by 33%, to establishing Brazil’s first national forum for transit administrators to improve transit quality across the board.

We also updated and scaled the Vehicles and Fuels Bus Selection Tool, first developed in 2012, to help transport authorities assess the potential for low-emission bus implementation in new places, including Mexico, India, Indonesia, Chile, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Since 2010, this collaboration has catalyzed clean, sustainable transit solutions, creating the bus systems of the future and scaling solutions through robust international outreach.


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