Smart strategies for private vehicle ownership and usage in Chengdu

Smart Strategies for Private Vehicle Ownership and Usage in Chengdu is a transportation project of WRI China/EMBARQ China, funded by the Caterpillar Foundation. The working paper draws on the experience of Chinese and international cities, such as Beijing, Shang­hai, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and New York, to suggest steps by which the city of Chengdu can adopt a Transport Demand Management (TDM) approach, i.e. a wise approach to the use of individual vehicles. The aim of this study is to offer detailed policy solutions for Chengdu policy-makers for traffic congestion, which has become a growing problem globally and especially in Chinese cities because of the rise in the number of private cars.

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Key Findings


“成都市小汽车拥有与使用政策战略研究”项目是“可持续及宜居城市项目”下的一个项目。这个项目由世界资源研究所(World Resources Institute)实施,并且由卡特彼勒基金会资助,通过分析目前机动化所带来的挑战,为成都市提供具体的政策解决方案,从而缓解急速增长的私家车造成的城市交通拥堵问题。本文对多个国际城市实施交通需求管理(Transport Demand Management, TDM)的时间点和力度进行扫描,找出这些案例的成功模式。通过与国际案例的对比,发现成都目前的TDM政策存在时间晚、力度弱等问题;进而提出对改进成都TDM政策的分步骤和分阶段性建议。建议通过小汽车总量控制、停车管理(包括增加停车费)和其他的经济手段来控制小汽车的拥有和使用。本文可以为政府决策者提供参考,也可以帮助普通民众提高认识。通过对控制小汽车等TDM政策的实施,不但可以解决成都未来的交通拥堵问题,也会对空气质量和温室气体减排起到积极的作用,此外本文也会为其他机动化高速发展的城市提供借鉴。

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