Women's Safety in Public Transport - A Pilot Initiative in Bhopal

In India, EMBARQ, sustainable urban mobility by WRI, is helping the city of Bhopal improve transport access and safety for women. The project focuses on public bus services as well as informal public transport services and is supported by the UK Department for International Development’s (DFID) work with the regional government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP).

Our EMBARQ Sustainable Urban Mobility team in India collected data on commuters in Bhopal, identifying gender differences in travel patterns and outlining women’s perceptions of local public transport. With this data, the team recommended a set of actionable solutions that can be adopted by different stakeholders in the city, including Bhopal City Link Pvt. Limited (BCLL), the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, and the Bhopal Police Department.  

The project helps integrate the unique needs of women into public transport planning, operations, design and policy. It is the first of its kind in India and sets a precedent for other Indian cities interested in addressing the problem of women’s safety in public transport. 


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